Summer 2017 ! Howdy Folks !
Were back and looking forward to a great 2017 Summer season ahead, with some cool Country festivals in Austria and beyond coming your way !
From Tirol to Karnten, Steirmarkt, Upper Austria and Vienna we′ll be "On The Road Again" with some new songs for you all to kick ya heels up and groove along too !

Weve just added some new shows in our gig section with more to follow, plus a few new pics, so check em out and we look forward to seeing ya all real soon down the road for some "John Deer Full Range Country Rock" !!!

Until then folks, all the best from JD !!!
Alls good in John Deer land...
Howdy! Alls good in John Deer land, we have been doing a few shows around Austria, had a great time at the Eboard Museum in Klagenfurt in Febuary, a full house again and we′ll be back next winter.

Also been busy writing new songs and recording so the new album is not far away!

Got some great gigs coming up so check em out in the gig section and hope to see you all down the road soon!

Keep on Countryin...
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Back from our 5th Australian Tour with Mongrel Guitars in baggage
Howdy everybody !

Its been a while since our last update but were back from our 5th Australian Tour and as always it was a great time DownUnder.

Tamworth Country Music Festival, Corrobra Hall near Dunedoo, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Belmont, Redhead Surf Club, The beach, BBQs, meat pies, cold beer, flies, sharks, snakes, spiders...

Was great to be back Home. A big Thanks to everybody that helped out throughout the month, our families and mates and all of our fans, we had a blast with you all.

Also thanks to our new endorsers “ Mongrel Guitars Australia “ Were lucky enough to bring back to Europe with us a few great Australian made guitars that we will be showcasing at our shows over here and weve added their link here on our page,
so check em out ! a great Australian product !

Also weve added a small movie of our month back home
“ The Southern Cross Tour “ with all gigs and behind the scenes footage, so hope you all enjoy watching it.

Got some great shows coming up this summer and we’ll add them on
our gig page soon.

Until then take it easy and see you all down the road again soon... JOHN DEER...
Link Mongrel Guitars Australia »
Link Pictures - The Southern Cross Tour »
Link Videos - The Southern Cross Tour »
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Australia Tour, January 2015
Dear Deers, merry Xmas and hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year !!!

Another busy year for the band has been had, with some great shows as always, our recordings for our next album are coming along nicely and will be ready for summer 2015.

Also were going back to Australia in January for our 4th tour Down Under and were really looking forward to seeing you again. As always were doing our shows around Newcastle N.S.W. got a very special show out west at the famous Cobbora Hall near Dunedoo, and the legendary Tamworth Country Music festival again !

Check out the gig section for all of our tour dates.

Hope to see you all here or there, until then keep on Country…ing…Hee Hawww !
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Back from our third Australian Tour
Well were back from our third Australian Tour and the Tamworth Country Music Festival and what a blast we had once again !

17 shows all together including some radio and newspaper interviews. Met some great people, Musicians, Bands, Friends and as always was great to spend some time with family and new and old mates…

The weather out in the country was Bloody Hot ! 43 degrees everyday and about 5 minutes of rain, think it was on the Thursday afternoon, didn’t last long but was nice to see. Just want to say thanks to everyone who help us along the way and for coming along to our shows, we had a great turn out at every gig so as always was a pleasure to play to you all. Have also put some new pics up here and on our facebook page.

Now were back and getting ready for our Summer shows and finishing our third studio album. Songs are coming along well and looking at a release towards the end of summer. But our first single of the album is a cover version of “The Kommissar”by the Austrian legend Falco !

You download and buy the track right now on itunes and it will also be on the new album, so have a listen and let us know what ya all think of our version.

Until then everyone have a great time and we’ll see on the road again this summer…..Hee Hawww !!!
Link iTunes - Music - John Deer »
Australia Tour Flyer
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Australia Tour, January 2014
Well our Australian Tour dates are now online ( check em out on our gig page ) and were looking forward to another great time Down Under with you all.

Got some great shows lined up again in Newcastle and at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Bring on the BBQs cold Beers and good times !!!

Will keep our HP and Facebook updated for you all with pics and news.

Were also excited to be going into the studio early December in Vienna to start recording some new material for our next project, so we will also keep you all posted with how it’s all going.

So until then have a very Merry Xmas and New Year where ever you are and the “John Deer’s” wish you all the best for 2014 !!!
Yo Ho Ho Yee Haww Ho Yo !
Well alls good here in John Deer Land, another European summer is over, had some great shows throughout the land and beyond. European Bike Week was as always a great few days in September with over 75.000 Bikers from around the world and we had a great time rockin the main stage with some fantastic bands over the week and thanks again to all the crew down there.

Also played at some great festivals, clubs and venues all over Austria and Germany this Summer, thanks to all for having us, and am now writing and getting ready for our 3rd studio album.

Big News is we are going back Down Under to Australia in January 2014 for our 3rd Tamworth Country Music Festival as well as some of our favorite gigs in and around Newcastle and Lake Macquarie. Really looking forward to seeing everyone back home again for an “ Aussie Summer “ with plenty of BBQs, fishing, surfing, Family, mates and playing for you all.

Will put our Australian Tour Dates for January online towards the end of November.

Until then enjoy our new pics, take care, and see you on the road soon…

Update for summer 2013
Howdy ! About time for an update for this summer. Been busy getting ready for our festival season and were up and running on the road.

Had a great time at the Donauinsel Festival in Vienna last month, just got back from a 5 day stint in France were we played a few great private shows and what a nice place, the south west of the country, the weather reminded me of a Queensland summer, hot and humid, fine wines and tucker to be had so a big “ Le Donc” to the French. Been writing and recording some demos and we will be back in the studio in November to start our third studio album, will keep you all posted. I’ve just added some gigs for the next few months so check them out, got some great gigs coming up and hope to see you at some of them !

Until then stay safe, and “stay calm and listen to Country”!!! See you all down the road folks…JD
A belated Christmas and a happy New Year
to you all in 2013!

About time for some updates on “John Deer”.

After another busy summer in Europe touring and recording we plan to start our third studio album this coming spring. Songs are coming along nicely and cant wait to get back in the studio again ! Were also off to France in July for our first time with some great gigs lined up. Unfortunally we couldn’t make it back to the Australian Country Music Festival this year due to reasons beyond our control, but we’ll be back for sure in 2014 for another great time “Down Under” and a big thanks to all our fans in Australia for keeping the flame burning.

Lots of gigs coming up here in Europe and were looking forward to seeing our friends and fans over here this summer. Have included some new pics of the last European Bike Week on the page so check them out and enjoy and see you “down the track”, Keep On Rockin !!!
Summer 2012
Well hi ya all, its been a while but would just like to give you some updates on our summer back in Europe so far. After another successful tour DownUnder in Australia we’ve been busy Deers playing festivals and shows all over Austria, Germany and Italy.
As well as writing, recording and various other projects between us all were now getting prepared to record our Third album in the Spring, ( or Autumn, depending where you live ) of 2013. Got some great songs in store for you all so stay tuned as we will put some teasers up in the near future.
Our next big week is nearly upon us once again, and that’s The European Bike Week in Faak Am See here in Austria. Over 80,000 Harley Davidsons from all over Europe and North America, ( havn’t seen an Aussie number plate as yet ! ) come to enjoy the wonderful countryside and lakes of Carinthia in the south for a week of good times, great music, listening to John Deer of course, and a wonderful atmosphere of fun and harmony. The link to this event is in our Gig section, and were stoked to be included once again in a lineup of great English and European bands. We will put some photos up here in the coming weeks. So stay tuned folks, take care of ya all, keep on rockin and see on the road again soon !
Link European Bike Week 2012 »
Link www.camping-arneitz.at »
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New song "The Newcastle Flyer"
A new song by John Deer is now available to listen to in our "Tunes"
section. The song is called "The Newcastle Flyer", its about the old steam
train that used to run from Newcastle to Sydney in Australia, hope you all
enjoy it !
Australia January
Were back from our second Australian Tour and once again it proved to be a successful and fun trip. This time we flew with the Australian Airline Quantas and it was a good flight with good Aussie lamb on the menu and even Aussie beer...Bloody great Mate!

Started the tour once again in Newcastle, great gigs, good people and some great BBQs and as always fishing with Brother Pete out off Moon Island and in the beautiful Lake Macquarie. Also whilst we were there and swam that morning was a shark attack on Nine Mile Beach. A local surfer was pulled off his surfboard and luckily made it to the beach with quite a few stitches and a big chunk out of his board. They then closed the beaches around Newcastle for a few days, so it was time for us to head on up the Hunter Valley to The Tamworth Country Music Festival.

We played 13 shows over 8 days including 3 radio spots, one with radio legend and good mate Carter Edwards on radio 2TM, Showcases on The Telstra Stage and Tamworth Shopping World and some great pubs and venues throughout the town. Meet some great people and was really nice to so many faces and fans that we’ve made over the last few years back home in Australia, thanks ya all...

Then back to Newcastle for our final show at our stronghold The Belmont Bowling Club, as always thanks heaps for looking after us at the club, great people involved in this club and for us it sure is Home. We’ll be back next January 2013 and already have some new shows arranged in Sydney and the Central Coast.

And we’ll see you all in Europe over the summer, keep an eye on here on our HP and Facebook for our gigs,until then keep it Country and see you down the road.........Heee Hawww......
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Going Back Home Tour 2012
Well were very happy to announce that we are “Going Back Home” To Australia in January 2012!

Its Tamworth Country Music Festival time again for John Deer, and after the success of our last tour Down Under, were stoked to be playing at some great venues and clubs once again.

And as always were also doing our favorite venues in and around the Newcastle area and also some radio interviews, TV spots and showcases. For all of our “Going Back Home” tour dates check out our gigs section.

And we’ll also keep you posted and up to date here on our HP and on our Facebook... See Ya’s Soon
Link Tour dates are now online, check em out!!! »
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John Deers Australia Tour, January 2012
John Deer will be “Heading Back Home “in January 2012 for their second visit to the Tamworth Country Music Festival and performing at various venues in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

Tour dates and more details will be posted soon.
! Hee Haaaa !
Link Video Tamworth 2011 »
Album Of The Year
John Deer are happy to have won Album Of The Year for their latest CD “ 12000 Miles “ at this years Austrian Country Music Awards !

Thanks to all our fans and members of the ACMF and congratulations to all the other winners and nominees... Yee Haa !!!
Link "12,000 MILES" in our mini online shop »
Link "12,000 MILES" on iTunes Music Store »
Link Austrian Country Music Federation - www.acmf.at »
Link Picture Gallery Austrian Country Music Awards 2011 »
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Austrian Country Music Awards 2011

John Deers latest Album “12,000 MILES” has been nominated for Album Of The Year at this years Austrian Country Music Awards. Were looking forward to also performing at the gala evening and we’ll let you all know the result, fingers crossed !
Link "12,000 MILES" in our mini online shop »
Link "12,000 MILES" on iTunes Music Store »
Link Austrian Country Music Federation - www.acmf.at »
Video Tamworth 2011

Johh Deers short DVD filmed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2011 is now online, check it out in our video section!
Link Watch the video »
European Bike Week 2011
John Deer are back at The European Bike Festival in September !

Were looking forward to performing at this great festival once again so come along and Get Countryfied with us and all the other great bands throughout the week !
Link European Bike Week 2011 »
John Deers "12,000 MILES Tour" - Back to home
Were "back home" in Austria after our second successful tour "back
home" in Australia where we surfed, fished in the beautiful Lake
Macquarie and the pacific Ocean, Jorgi turned a lighter shade of
green, "The Sea Sick Blues" and we were invited aboard one of the
biggest racing yachts on the lake for a regatta and we won! with an
Australian/Austrian crew!
We played eigthteen shows including showcases, radio spots on 2HD
Newcastle with legendary DJ Carter Edwards to a potential audience
of nine million listeners and radio 2TM Tamworth with DJ Scotty
thats covers country N.S.W. and the Tamworth Country Music Festival.
And what festival it was! Ten days and nights, thirteen shows for
John Deer in some great venues. The streets were full of bands,
buskers, artists and performers from all over Australia and the
people that are are there for the festival week are all there for
the same reason, great music!
We met some Aussie music legends and a big thanks to everyone for
looking after us ,Mike Vee, Dallas Entertainment, Brad Brown and
the staff from "The Goodies Hotel", T.S.A. (Tamworth Songwriters
Association) and all our fans that followed us to Tamworth and the
new fans that we made.
Then "back home" to Newcastle for some fantastic shows at The Kent
Hotel Hamilton, The Gunyah Hotel Belmont, what a blast!. A Sunday
afternoon packed with some old friends and special guests joining
us onstage, Kellie Cain, Michael Mills and old mate Sparx on the
harmonica and singing up a storm, good on ya guys, and a big Danke
to Brett and Jason Hethrington for looking after us with
accomodation and refreshments!
Finally The Belmont Bowling Club, fantastic, with two soldout shows
with the highlight being the 26th of January, "Australia Day".
Everone in the audience were on their feet and singing in full
voice to the Australian national anthem "Advance Australia Fair".
Just an amazing feeling to be back home being a part of it all
again, a very proud moment indeed!
A hot and sunny Wendsday afternoon with ice cold beers, party pies
and a great crowd with some old muso mates coming along to have a
listen and say Gday, family young and old, and a big thank you to
Graeme and Mum and all the staff and comittee at the club for
making our final gig a great send off. Our crew, Drew Dobb, Ronnie
Davies, Chris Varley, Tinno, Cain Starkey, Michael Mills, Cuz
Warick, thanks again for all your help with our equipment and
transport. My (our) family, couldnt have done it without you all
and you make coming home really feel like home, Love yas Heaps! My
mates, you know who youz are, nothing like you blokes, and girls!
Our latest album "12000 Miles" was very well recieved and is now
getting airplay on 2HD and 2TM so give em a call to request more
John Deer. We also had an Austrian film crew with us that
documented most of the tour, ( thanks Babsi and Rainer) and well be
cutting to content for a short video of our trip, stay tuned...
Australia is wondeful country, the smells of the bush, crystal
clear night skys with stars like diamonds, New England, The Great
Dividing Range with their rugged mountains, beautiful lakes and
sandy beaches with headlands and points that go on for miles, the
wildlife, (animal and humann!) great mates, the Lucky Country it is !
And so is Austria, The Tirol with its Alps, stunning snow covered
mountains where some of the best alpine skiing in the world is
located, Vienna, a beautiful city with its cathederals and
churches, amazing architecture, the lakes of Karnten in the south,
the summer months are hot and chilled out, water the colour of the
summer skys, friendly people, proud people, green fields, " the
hills ARE alive" with the sound of music, thats for sure! Great
mates, also the Lucky Country.
But theres no doubt about it, its always good to get "Back Home"
See on the road again soon !
John Deers "12,000 MILES Tour" - Australia, January 2011
We′ll be heading back home " Downunder " for our second tour of Australia and looking forward to playing in some great venues in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and also performing at the Australian Country Music Festival in Tamworth, N.S.W.

Also were appearing and perfoming " live To Air " on " The Carter Edwards Show ", 2HD radio Australia; on Sat 8th Jan in the evening slot.

We′ll be showcasing our new album " 12000 Miles " at all of our shows and also be playing all of yours and our favorite Country Rock tunes.

So get ready to rock ! Were coming home ! Yeee Haaaw !
See you all soon !
Link Tour dates are now online, check em out!!!  »
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12,000 MILES
John Deers new album " 12000 Miles " is offically released from Friday 5th November on Pate Records Austria.
Available from itunes, Media Markt, Saturn, and also directly from John Deer′s Home page and from our live concerts and public events.
The album is distributed throughout Austria, Germany, Switzerland and also soon in the Australian market.
We hope you all like the songs and storys, and looking forward to seeing you all at our CD release concerts throughout Austria and Germany in November, December 2010.
Link "12,000 MILES" in our mini Online-Shop »
Link "12,000 MILES" on iTunes Music Store »
Austrian Country Music Awards 2010
Hee Haw !!!
JOHN DEER are proud to have won four Awards at the Austrian Country Music Awards 2010.

Band Of The Year
Musician Of The Year ( Jorgi )
Song Of The Year ( She Likes To Get Dirty )
Video Of The Year ( She Likes To Get Dirty )

Thanks to all our fans, jury, supporters and members of the ACMF !
We had a great night performing and congradulations to
all the other Award winners.
Link Austrian Country Music Federation »
Austrian Country Music Awards 2010
John Deer have been nominated in six categories at this years Austrian Country Music Awards 2010, ACMF, to be held on October 30th in Linz, Austria.
Categories are -

Band Of The Year - John Deer
Singer Of The Year - Brett
Musician Of The Year - Jorgi
Song Of The Year - She Likes To Get Dirty
Album Of The Year ( Maxi CD ) She Likes To Get Dirty
Video Of The Year - She Likes To Get Dirty

Thanks to all at ACMF and keep ya fingers and toes crossed for us !
Link Austrian Country Music Awards 2010 »
Now available in our Online-Shop!

Our latest video titled "She Likes To Get Dirty" is now available to order directly from our Homepage!
Link Online-Shop »
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NEW Video "She Likes To Get Dirty"
John Deers latest video "She Likes To Get Dirty" is now online. We filmed the video here in Austria and the song is one of the great tracks from our second album titled "12000 Miles" to be released in mid October 2010.

Have fun and stay tuned!
Link Watch the video  »
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Country Music Association of Australia
Were now members of the Country Music Association of Australia, "CMAA".
Check out their site for great info of the Australian Country Music scene!
Link www.country.com.au »
Brett is now proudly endorsed by BARN BURNER Bass amps! These great Austrian/German hand made bass and guitar tube amps really give you the power you need to Rock n Roll!


More info click on the link.
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Were back from our Australian Downunder tour 2010 !
G′day mates !

Were back from our Australian Downunder tour 2010 !

From Sydney to Newcastle, the beautiful beaches and lakes of the N.S.W. mid north coast, surfing at Blacksmiths beach, fishing in Lake Macquarie, throught the Hunter Valley and across the Great Dividing Range into the Darling Downs, Australias country music capital Tamworth, the " Golden Guitar ", back across the Barrington tops state forest were we drove through the Dingo fence and did a little bush walking, chasing Kangaroos, following the tracks of the legendary bushranger " Thunderbolt " and beyond down the road that leads to Harrington; where we met the " Fried Batman "
We had some great shows and met up with some great old friends and made a lot of new ones, and if things go as we plan we′ll back in January 2011 for the Australian Country Music Festival in Tamworth where we were invited back to " John Deer " the event !

Also we did some great radio interviews with ABC Radio N.S.W. 2HD Newcastle, 2TM Tamworth and 2MN FM Muswellbrook, thanks heaps to all the DJs.

Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way, family, freinds, muso′s and publicans.

New pics are online and we will add more about our tour soon, so stay tuned !!!

You can also email some of our favourite Australian radio stations and make your request to hear "John Deer" on air !
Link DJ Carol Duncan at abc.net.au/newcastle/ »
Link DJ Carter Edwards at 2hd.com.au - Newcastle »
Link DJ Pipper at powerfm.com.au - Muswellbrook »
Link DJ Scottie at fm929.com.au - Tamworth »
Link Our friend the CROC »
Link Our friend the FRIED BATMAN »
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Report from DOWN UNDER TOUR 2010

John Deers live session at radio 2HD Newcastle with radio legend Carter Edwards is now online.


4 Days on the road with 3 Gigs and 2 radio interviews. We′re looking forward to that!

Good on ya and stay tuned!
Link View the photos »
Link Watch the videos »

The down under tour dates shows are now online here and in the gig section!

Check em out!!!
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John Deer are heading " Downunder " for a tour of the Newcastle - Mid North Coast - Central West region of N.S.W. in March / April 2010. The band will be playing in some great clubs and music venues, and also doing radio interviews including live to air accoustic sessions. A short film documentry of the shows and of some great Australian landmarks are also planned.

Tour dates and further information will be announced in the gig section very soon!
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JOHN DEER Band on ORF television "Herbstzeit"

John Deers ORF television interview for the program "Herbstzeit", recorded in November 2009 is now online.

Link Watch the video  »
See you on the road in 2010
Congradulations !!!

Brett has won the " Austrian Country Music Vocalist Of The Year " 2009 at this years ACMF Country Music Awards. Thanks to all ACMF members and jury, our fans, familys and friends !
Link www.acmf.at »
ACMF 2009 nomination

John Deer have been nominated again at this years ACMF Awards for "Band Of The Year" and Brett has also been nominated for "Male Vocalist Of The Year".

Keep your fingers and toes crossed for us!
Good Luck Boys!
Link www.acmf.at »
Amadeus - Austrian Music Awards 2009

Didi our guitarplayer has just been nominated with his other band Alkbottle for the Amadeus Award in two categories.

If you would like to support him vote for him!
Link www.alkbottle.at »

Jörgi, our guitarplayer was just elected by "Guitarworld" to the top 50 of European guitarists.

He left names like Knopfler, Clapton or Moore behind him.

Link Guitarworld »
Interview with Brett Reid, Antonia Umlauf and Katja Bernroider on krone.tv
Link Watch the Video on krone.tv »
Country Music Awards 2008
We are very happy and proud to announce that at this years ACMF awards gala 2008 we won Song of the year, Album of the year and the Riding Cooks video was the winner in the Video of the year !

A big John Deer "Thank You" to all the members and jury of the ACMF, to our fans and congradulations to all of the other nominees and winners.

See you on the road again soon and keep it country !
Link More info @ www.acmf.at »
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And The Winner is?

John Deer have just been nominated in six different catorgories at this years " Austrian Country Music Awards ". The awards evening is October 25th 2008 in Trofaiach ( stmk ).

So keep your fingers crossed for us and stay tuned for our results !!!
Link More info @ www.acmf.at »

Didi now proudly endorses amps by AUSTROVOX BLUESBREAKERs. This Austrian company has been manufacturing these legendary guitar amps since the 60′s, and there great ! Rock n Roll !!!
Link www.austrovox.at »
Howdy Friends!
Well we made it back from Houston, Texas with a Gold Remi Award for Best Country Music Video!

Thanks to the great people of "big hat city" Houston for looking after us and see you all on the road again soon!
Link Watch the Award winning Video - RIDING COOKS  »
Link WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival »
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Howdy Houston! U.S.A
The theme song Riding Cooks by John Deer, written for the TV Series "Riding Cooks" by Antonia Umlauf of Healing-Media.com, has been nominated for a Remi Award in the "Best Country Music Video" catagorie at this years World Film Festival in Houston, Texas U.S.A.

The music video was made in November 2007, with footage from one of our gigs at the Yellowstone Saloon in Innsbruck, some amazing skiing in the Kitzbühel Alps, live shots while recording the song and at various other fantastic locations in AUSTRIA.

Special thanks to Kate Bernroider of the Blackhorse Country Band for singing some great backing tracks with us in the studio and live, and also Mike Stocker for some steaming hot guitars licks! Also the Arizona and Westside linedance groups for some very cool boot scootin!

Thanks to everyone involved in the project, and see ya at our next show at the 1. Montafoner Country & Linedance Festival / AUSTRIA 2.-3. Mai 2008!!!

Heee Haww
Link Healing-Media »
Link WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival »
Our recent minitour led us to Silverbullet-Pub in Hopfgarten, where we embellished ′′Australia-Day′′musically, pleasing the ears of numerous native Australian guests.

On day two we drove to Angerberg, precisely to the Forellenhof, a resort hosting sled dog races that weekend. Illustrious guests and a surprisingly big crowd of fans and friends from Innsbruck and Rosenheim formed an enthusiastic audience - from our side thanks to everybody showing up!

Day three, at Salvenstadel in Söll, oh dear, what a crazy party, what a crowd! Friends, the wild west lives! And John Deer delivers the soundtrack.... in this sense: ′′Howdy′′!
ACMF 2007 nomination
John Deer are very happy to anounce we have been nominated in the annual preliminary listing for the ECMA awards 2007, for our album Gone Country.

Thanks to our fans and radio listeners of our album, and keep your fingers crossed for us! See you all on the road again soon!
Link Austrian Country Music Federation »
Just a short update of our recent adventures in the West of Austria and Germany:

15.11 The ′Brauhaus′ in Gmunden. Deepest winter including a nightly quest for a harborage which resulted in an entry in the Gmunder Mountain′s peak journal.

16.11 ′Yellowstone′ in Innsbruck at our friend Edi. Great Club atmosphere and fantastic audience. Guestsinger Kate of ′Blackhorse′ fame and our friend JD Hank. Everything caught on tape by Antonia from Healing-Media.

17.11 ′Hillingers′ truckstop north of Munich. Huge location with several dancefloors for the local linedance groups, who really danced off and encouraged us to play several encores.
Link Healing-Media »

As a result of our collaboration with Comstock Records we are experiencing massive airplay around the world in countries like Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, France, the UK and Australia.
John Deer On iTunes
Finally our highly acclaimed album ′Gone Country′ is available on the major digital platform Apple iTunes.

So, no more excuses for not having John Deer on your iPod, ok?
Link Click here to shop our songs in the iTunes store »
Link Get iTunes »
Promotional Deal signed
John Deer signed a promotion deal with Arizona based Comstock Records, which will result in massive airplay all around the world! So turn on your radios and keep requesting John Deer on your local country channel!
Link Comstock Records »
ACMF Membership
We are happy to announce that John Deer joined the Austrian Country Music Federation (ACMF). Our first cooperation is a gig at the Country Fair in Innsbruck on May 6th.
Link Austrian Country Music Federation »
Link See also our other tourdates »
"Gone Country" online sales
Our album "Gone Country" is now available on CD-Baby. You can also preview all of the tracks there.

Just check it out!
Link Buy the CD »
Brett′s 2HD Australian Radio Interview
Listen to the radio interview Brett Reid gave to Carter Edwards of 2HD Radio in November 2006.
2HD is Australia′s second oldest existing radio station. Very informative and great fun!

Interview coming up next days!
Link 2HD :: Newcastle′s Home of Classic Hits »
Australia Day at the Silver Bullet Pub!
Australia Day, January 26, is the biggest day of celebration in the country and is observed as a public holiday in all states and territories.

We are going to celebrate this day together with our friends at the Silver Bullet Pub in Hopfgarten, Tirol. The Pub organizes a Fosters beer promo night and we will rock the house until dawn..... See you there!
Link Silver Bullet »
New John Deer page at MySpace!
Check out the brand new John Deer MySpace website! We have a lot of new friends there already.. join us :-)
Link John Deer on MySpace »
John Deers new album "Gone Country", has been nominated for "Album Of The Year"
This years Austrian Country Music Federation Awards which was held on November 25th 2006 in the Schachnerhalle, Garsten OÖ (Upper Austria). A very big "Thank You" to all the members of the federation for our nomination! More info at www.acmf.at.

We had a great summer with some very good shows and fantastic audiences, Udine in Italy with a dance floor full of line dancers and a venue packed with enthusiastic Italians, the European Harley Davidson Festival in Carinthia with 75.000 bikers was very loud and as always great fun, Harrys Farm in Ledenitzen kept our bellys full with their big steaks and a full house of country music lovers, the Altstadt Zauber Festival in Klagenfurt with the streets full with happy and friendly people and the first Country Music Festival in Trabochersee/Styria was a big success for us and the organisers.

Thanks to all the places we played this year and we hope to be back next year to play for you all again! So until next time, all the best from John Deer!
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